What We Do


Leading the West Coast in multifamily apartment renovations, Fleet’s expert-trained staff works with contractors, ownership, management and tenants to make the renovation go smoothly and quickly with minimal disruptions to the tenants. Fleet’s professional staff has completed thousands of renovations over the years and continues to work with contractors and owners to produce quality renovations that exceed expectations.


Fleet is the West Coasts leading multifamily renovation mechanical contractor. All of our business comes from word of mouth and repeat clients. With 10s of thousands units turned Fleet will be there to complete your project.


While turning apartments the tenants and the relationship while being in their home can be difficult. You can trust Fleet's qualified and companionate staff to work with tenants to minimize the disruption. Being in someone's home is tough for everyone while performing a renovation but you can count on Fleet to make the experience a positive one.


Time is of the essence in a renovation project. You can trust Fleet to have the staff and resources available to make sure your renovation is completed on-time and on-budget.